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$159.99 + tax

SERVICE CALL FEE NOTICE:  You will be required to pay the FULL AMOUNT of the quoted service price for the following cancellation instances/reasons: 

*1. The technician arrives on the scene and you cancel your request for any reason.
*2. The technician arrives and determines you have inaccurately stated the conditions of your vehicle thus the cost of service will be higher than initially quoted and you cancel service.
*3. You are gone on arrival and/or fail to cancel service. 
*4. Your description of the services needed and/or conditions impacting your vehicle are deficient, inaccurate, or otherwise misstated, and/or the services required are more extensive than your description indicated, the price quote provided over the phone shall not be binding and you are responsible for paying for any additional services needed and/or requested. 
*5. The service you requested does not fix the issue with your vehicle. 
*6. We are unable to complete the service due to abnormal circumstances (i.e. stripped/stuck/broken bolts, missing/damaged hardware, etc.) 

BATTERY DELIVERY & INSTALLATION NOTICE: We deliver and install new batteries for most passenger vehicles. Please be aware that once we install a new battery, we will not remove and/or return the new battery if it does not fix your vehicle's issue. Please also be aware that we must return your vehicle's old battery to our local supplier to cover core charges and recycling fees paid upfront by N.R.S.A. Some vehicles may require a battery reset procedure. Our equipment can reset most vehicles, but in some special instances, the monitor may need to be reset by a dealership or mechanic. ​

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (615) 779-3275

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