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(615) 779-3275    

Nashville Roadside Assistance


Is Your Battery Dead?

Dial (615) 779-3275 for dead battery service in the Nashville area! While no car should be on the road without jumper cables, there always seems to be a shortage of them when your battery goes dead. On top of that, most people don't even know how to properly connect them! Instead of risking getting shocked or damaging your vehicles computer, call Nashville Roadside Assistance to provide you with a quick & safe car battery jump start service and bring that battery to life in no time at all!

Our service tech will arrive quickly, and make sure to properly make all connections before giving your car's battery the boost it needs. Even if you're in a place with restricted access, such as a parking garage, we'll get your car going with a Jump Box & provide the jump start service to get you going. Don't slow down your day because your car battery is dead, call Nashville Roadside Assistance today and we'll get you on your way!


Services We Provide


Battery Boost/Analysis & Charging System Check:

Unlike most services that just start your vehicle and leave, we offer a complete charging system diagnostic check with each jump start service we provide. We can tell you exactly how much life is left in your battery using our new electronic battery analyzer.We can also check your alternator output and even preform a onsite load test to ensure your battery is dependable under the harshest conditions. Call today and know exactly what to expect further down the road.


Mobile Battery Delivery & Installation:
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We are proud to be one of Nashville's only mobile battery delivery and installation services. Why have your vehicle towed and wait at a shop for hours? We offer fast on-site delivery and installation at your home, work or anywhere you might be stranded. Call us today to schedule service and see how fast we can get you back on your way!

 Lost? Need Assistance?

             We can now help find your vehicle during a roadside emergency using the latest in GPS location technology. Our staff is standing by to help locate you and notify our nearest service vehicle to help with your roadside needs. We are proud to be one of the first local services to implement this technology in aiding our customers with faster and more accurate service. Call today and let us help get you back on your way fast!