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Did you lock your keys inside your car? We can help! Call Nashville Auto Assistance now! We can open your vehicle's door and get you back inside quickly.  

How to Unlock Your Vehicle

If you have locked your key inside your vehicle in Nashville TN and have the correct equipment, you can unlock your vehicle yourself. If not, we can help. Here is some information on how we can help or do it yourself. 


Insert a plastic wedge at the uppermost rear corner of the front doorframe. Each vehicle will be a little different but start the wedge into the door gap and use the wedge to pry out the door frame enough to see where the weatherstrip contacts the body. Tapping the wedge with the heel of the hand, carefully guide the wedge between the weatherstrip and the body. Continue inserting the wedge until there is enough gap to easily insert the tool. LUBRICATE THE WEDGE WITH WINDEX OR MILD DETERGENT. Insert the wedge at the uppermost rear corner of the door frame. The wedge should be inserted 2/3rds into the car. If obstructed by weatherstripping, a plastic or wood wedge may assist. With experience, the wedge will enter most cars without assistance. Inflate the wedge to allow insertion of the unlock tool.

Next, insert the unlock tool into the vehicle interior and use the tip of the Tool to manipulate the electric lock button, the sliding lock button, or the door opening handle. If the bend in the tool is not sufficient, remove the Tool and adjust the bend to the required configuration for the vehicle at hand. Note: The tool can often be used to tilt the inside rearview mirror to view a lock slider or door handle not directly visible from the working position. If you still can't get inside your vehicle, please call Nashville Roadside Assistance.

Commonly Asked Questions 


What is Nashville Roadside Assistance?

Nashville Roadside Assistance is a pay-per-use ​auto assistance service in the local Nashville TN area.

Do you work with my insurance company?

We are not affiliated with any auto insurance company or AAA. Our services are all pay-per-use. Some insurance companies will reimburse you directly for any out-of-pocket expenses you pay for auto assistance. Contact your insurance provider for more information. 

Aren't you guys the yellow HELP truck? 

No, we are not affiliated with the free TDOT HELP trucks. We DO NOT offer any free services. 

Do you provide service on the interstate?

In the interest of our customer's safety, we do not provide services to vehicles stranded on interstate roadways at this time. We ask that you contact TDOT by clicking here. TDOT HELP trucks are a free service that can assist you with the most common issues. TDOT can also block lanes of traffic and keep you safer on the side of the highway. We want to keep you safer on the roadside, even if that means we don't get your business. 

How can I get help on the interstate/major highway?

To reach the free TDOT HELP trucks that assist stranded motorists on the interstate and major highways in Nashville (i.e. I-65, I-24, I-440, Briley Pky, etc.) please click here for more info. 

Why do I need to pay online?

Unfortunately, some customers will request a service and will be gone when we arrive. These types of incidents happen so often that it costs us hundreds of dollars in wasted fuel and employee time each month. Asking our customers to pay for service online allows us to keep our prices lower than any other provider in the Nashville area. 

I don't have a spare tire, Do you sell tires or wheels?

We do not sell or stock replacement tires or wheels. 

What types of vehicles do you service?

We currently provide services to regular passenger vehicles. We currently do not provide services for commercial vehicles, trailers, dual-wheel vehicles, or lifted trucks. 

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